About usWho We are ?

The Industrial Suppliers (TIS) is one of the leading names when it comes to manufacturing, trading, wholesale and supplying a variety of industrial items.

We are The Industrial Suppliers (TIS), your number one source for all industrial items. We take great pride in offering you the best quality products, including reasonable prices, on-time delivery, quick response, and superior customer service.

We supply more than 3000+ industrial items to meet the requirements of our customers.

Below are some of the partial categories of products we provide to industries.
● Safety Items  
● Measuring Instruments  
● Welding Consumables  
● Hardware Tools & Fasteners  
● Electrical Items  
● Abrasives  
● Antistatics  
● Bearings  
● Painting Items  
● Tapes and Adhesives  
● Stationery & Office Consumables  
● Lubricant  
● Moving and Lifting Equipments  
● Rubber Products  
● Plastic Products  

Our ServicesWhat We are Doing ?

The Industrial Suppliers (TIS), offers you the best quality industrial items, including reasonable prices, fastest and on-time delivery, and superior customer service.


All Types of Industrial Items

Our company supplies a wide selection of industrial items based on customer requirements. Occasionally, requested items may be outside of our defined category, but that is also something we strive to make available to save your time.


Best Quality Products in Fair Rates

Quality control is a major part of our company which makes certain that our customers will receive the best products. Moreover, we are committed to always provide the products at reasonable prices.


Fastest and On Time Delivery

Delivery teams are well trained to deliver customer items before the given delivery time and we own our own delivery vehicles to make this possible.


Superior Customer Service

Customer service is one of our top priorities. We have various departments, such as Purchase, Sales, Delivery, and Customer Support, to handle customer requests in a timely and efficient manner.

ProductsWhat Items We Supply ?

Throughout the years, we have never limited ourselves to supplying items from particular categories. We have consistently offered any type of industrial item requested by our customers. Below is a partial list of the product categories we offer.

TestimonialsWhat Our Clients Say ?

We are always grateful for the feedback we receive from our customers since we strive to remain customer-focused by providing the most excellent service.

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